logotip Martorell Digital

logotip Martorell Digital

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016


Students from 4th A are working on a project called “Stop Motion”, guided by the teacher Estefanía Vizcaíno. The Erasmus + project is based on the basic competences, as they are working on the English language, but also on other subjects such as IT. With it, they become autonomous, self-confident, and they have the initiative of making their own decisions.
The task is very easy: they must create a story by themselves by taking pictures of some dolls and toys that they bring to class with their mobile phones. One condition: No voices, no movements. By using Windows Movie Maker, the characters will be developing a story that will take form thanks to their imagination. With this project, students work writing ( they must give Estefanía a guideline with a description of characters, scenery...) and speaking ( before seeing the final project with the projector they must put the story in context, the characters...and after the project they must explain every single detail that maybe some students didn't understand from the images).

 Estefanía Vizcaíno González

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