logotip Martorell Digital

logotip Martorell Digital

Recursos didácticos de la Universidad de Utrecht

  • WisWeb
WisWeb is Freudenthal Institute's website for secondary math education (students of 12 to 18 years old). The main focus of the site is applets; small computer programs that run over the internet. Moreover, the site offers information on the DME, the Digital Math Environment.

    The applets are small interactive learning tools which students can use for several purposes, such as to explore a problem situation, to discover a representation or a concept, to construct and explore 3D-objects, or to practice a skill.

    • Junior College Utrecht

    The Junior College Utrecht (JCU), an initiative of Utrecht University and 26 secondary schools, was established in 2004. It has a dual purpose: to offer a challenging science education to talented 17–18 year-old (grades 11 and 12) students in an academic environment, and to create a laboratory for innovation in science curricula and teaching/learning.

    This webpage offers interesting teaching materials and publications.

    • The Mathematics A-lympiad
    Website of The Mathematics A-limpiad 

    The 'problem solving' or 'modelling' component is contained in the mathematics curriculum in many foreign countries. Working on these skill is often put on the shelf, because textbooks often don't provide good examples of appropriate tasks and teachers do not know how they are supposed to deal with this. If no structural support is provided, this component is likely to disappear from the curriculum: it will not be practised and will certainly not be assessed.
    The Mathematics A-lympiad fills this 'gap' perfectly by providing appropriate tasks to practice these skills. This is both the case in the Netherlands as well as in the other participating countries. The contents of the mathematics curricula do not need to be exactly the same. In the Mathematics A-lympiad these other 'higher order' skills are being used.

    • Freudentthal Insitute for Science and Mathematics Education
    Teaching materials for STEM

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