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logotip Martorell Digital

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2016


This year the English teachers felt really motivated and we were delighted to give our students the opportunity of spending five days in an English-speaking country in real life situations contexts and being in contact with real English. We enjoyed every single moment we were in London with our students: we had fun, shared stories and anecdotes, took pictures together and best of all: we got to know everybody a bit better. Sometimes it is important to spend time and share some good memories with your students. The classroom is not always the place to see inside your students and that´s why we are glad we decided to organise this trip for you. There were 31 of us, 4 adults and 27 students and we would like TO THANK EVERYBODY FOR THEIR BEHAVIOUR. YES, KIDS, YOU GOT A 10 OUT OF 10 IN THOSE DAYS. You made the trip, if not easy, not too difficult for us and we really appreciated it, as you know it was the first time we took  students on a trip to such a busy and sometimes stressful city. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU.

Here is a quick reminder of the places we saw, of which we keep pleasant memories.

DAY 1 The driver Simon collected us from the airport of London and took us to the hotel. It was a rainy day, but we didn't care because we were so excited! In the afternoon, we visited the very famous King´s Cross train station,  where Harry Potter was filmed. They took some pictures and we also visited the Harry Potter souvenir shop.

DAY 2 In the morning, we went to the London Eye. The sights were amazing. You could see all London from every perspective. We also saw a 3D film about London and London Eye. Then, we went on a 30-minute cruise along the Thames, from which we could enjoy spectacular views of Tower Bridge. While the students were having a drink in a coffee shop, we went to the Globe Theatre in order to know more about Shakespeare and his theatre.
In the afternoon, we went to the British Museum, it was so big!! We were impressed by the statues, sculptures that English people took with them thousands of years ago. 

DAY 3  In the morning, we visited the neighbourhood NOTTING HILL, where there was a nice market.  After that, it was time for the Natural Museum, where you can see real-size animals and even dinosaurs. In the afternoon, we went to Picadilly Circus to take pictures from the ads. As we were near the M&Ms store, we decided to buy some presents there. We saw a lot of teenagers dancing in the streets. In Covent Garden we saw some performers, of course.

DAY 4 We went to Candem Town, a nice market where you can buy food, clothes...there was a shop called CYBERDOG, it was like a disco but it is actually a shop. It was awesome! In the afternoon, it was the turn of the Wax Museum where we could all see all the celebrities, the old and the new ones. We took lots of pictures with our favourite ones.

DAY 5 We had to get up early in order to see the change of the guards in Buckingham Palace. It was a bit long, andwe were not that impressed, but it was so British!! In the afternoon, we had to go to the airport to take the plane to go back home. Many of the students cried in the trip, they had such a great time together!! 

We will never forget this trip!!! God Save the Queen!!

Estefanía Vizcaíno González & Lola Picazo Pérez

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